A PR Shitshow for the Great Reset

Credits: Jill Sandjaja

The 51st meeting of the Davos clique was held digitally and “corona-compliant” for the first time this year from January 25–29, 2021, under the title “The Davos Agenda.” The actual Davos summit in physical form was moved to May and Singapore — presumably to marvel undisturbed at the result of a year of global lockdowns and to be far away from civil society protests.

This text first appeared for the month of January 2021 in the “Demokratischer Widerstand” yearbook: https://demokratischerwiderstand.de/magazin.

This year’s January meeting of the World Economic Forum served Klaus Schwab primarily as a promotional block for his Great Reset agenda: five days of video messages dripping with pathos from his favorite home-office sophomores, hand-picked in the blue Davos frame. Greta Thunberg’s participation under the label “Davos Agenda” fully exposed her as “Schwab’s little girl.” I wonder if she doesn’t perceive the fascist reality behind fairy tale uncle Klaus’ flowery tales?

According to Schwab, neoliberalism is at an end. So far, so good. A new economic system is needed — one that is, of course, greener, more sustainable and better for everyone. Schwab presents his stakeholder capitalism as the solution, a kind of “reformed” capitalism in which companies are not only beholden to their shareholders, but also to the general public, the stakeholders. This sounds good to any green-minded person — finally the elite seems to have understood!

Unfortunately, far from it. Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” is a cynical euphemism for the deliberate destruction of the middle class with the help of lockdowns, lies and state terror. A “new normal” that does not stop at even the most intimate level of physicality.

Lockdowns that, according to experts, constitute a crime against humanity, have caused millions of additional deaths from hunger, destroyed millions of livelihoods, traumatized millions of children, and hit the poorest of the poor the hardest. By now, word has spread around the world that lockdowns and the Great Reset agenda represent two sides of the same coin. They appear to a disinhibited elite as the appropriate means to initiate a total digital transformation — without ever having asked ourselves whether we want this at all.

The end does not justify every means. Some contemporaries seem to have forgotten this basic humanistic principle from the first billion. A fusion of state and private-sector structures, as called for by Schwab, is not a hippie paradise, but a hard-headed surveillance totalitarianism in which data protection, fundamental rights and the separation of powers are “old news. To ensure that there are no misunderstandings about where the journey is headed, the “Politburo of the West” is now sending out clear signals: China’s head of state Xi Jinping once again gave this year’s opening speech at Davos.

Two days later, on Feb. 26, 2021, Klaus Schwab let us know from his office chair:

“As long as not everybody is vaccinated,

nobody will be safe.”

This statement seems all the more remarkable when juxtaposed with another Schwab quote: “Considering the percentage of the world’s population affected, the Corona crisis is (so far) one of the least deadly pandemics on a global scale that the world has experienced in the last 2,000 years.” (Schwab/Malleret: Covid 19: “The Great Reset”)

So Schwab knows about the relative harmlessness of the coronavirus, compared to real pandemics, and yet urges all of humanity to vaccinate in a clinically untested way. Against this background, the sentence “As long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe” reads almost like a kind of protection racket. Safe from what, one might ask. From a seasonal virus — or from government reprisals?

Klaus Schwab, the new godfather from Davos?

There have been better actors before.

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Cultural anthropologist & Freelance journalist. Team Demokratischer Widerstand

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